“What Are They Doing Now?” Survey: Adults After Alt Ed

This is an unusual post, but I’m excited to share it – and hoping to hear from lots of you!

My family had some great discussions around a couple of posts from September of last year – posts that addressed fields of study and work chosen by students who go through alternative education. The first post was examining a pilot program of a student-driven school within a school in which almost all participants focused on creative pursuits for their primary focus. It was interesting to see this gravitation toward the arts, especially for my family, since my sisters and I have all found ourselves pursuing careers in the arts.

The post that followed that was a list my mom and I compiled of the fields that 34 adult homeschoolers I grew up with are pursuing now. It went semi-viral and had the most reads of any post on this blog – by a staggering amount. It showed just how hungry people are for this kind of data.

I was excited this week to hear that my sister had taken an interest in this subject and has decided to focus on the topic for a research project.

Below is a brief survey that my sister put together for her research. Please respond and spread it around! Plus, I’m hoping to collaborate with her to share some of her findings:

Hi — I am doing a college project, looking at people who have gone through alternative education such as homeschooling, unschooling, or democratic (Sudbury Valley style) schools, and what line of work they went into as adults. If you are or know a grown homeschooler, unschooler, or SVS graduate, please email me at wmuscato@student.cccd.edu with this info:

Whether you are answering for yourself or about people you know, I would love to know as many of the categories below as possible:

1) Name (will not be included in the research paper—I am including this so I do not end up counting, say, Susie Q three times because several people who know her responded)

2) What sort of alternative education (homeschooling, unschooling, SV style school) practiced, and for how long,

3) Whether one or both of parents is working (or has worked) in a STEM field (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics),

4) If attended college (or are now attending college), the major area of study,

5) Current job title, if employed,

6) Career working in or toward, if any,

7) Whether the major, job, and/or career should be considered to be in the arts, in business, in Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM), or none of the above.

I greatly appreciate any and all responses! 
Also, please share with anyone you know who knows grown homeschoolers, unschoolers, and/or SVS graduates. I would like to get as much data as possible.

Thank you for your assistance!
— Whitney