A Really Great Thing Happened Today In 1954

In writing this blog there has been an underlying fascination for me. Beyond homeschooling, or education, or community, this project is also very much about family. And parenting. And motherhood.

My mom’s old journal that inspired the beginning of this project, and the conversations between my mom and I on the themes we’ve addressed, has left me realizing the magnitude of my luck and good fortune.

What a family I landed! And what a rad mom I have!

Mom and mindy in Yellowstone

My mom and my sister Mindy in Yellowstone National Park

Today is my mom’s birthday – and I just wanted to share the respect and gratitude I feel for the woman she is, and the mother she is, and the friendship and inspiration we share.

I also wanted to say, that all the reading I’ve done, and the voices I’ve heard, and the conversations I’ve had because of this blog have been really fantastic for me. I’m thrilled to have been welcomed into the larger conversation that’s happening today amongst homeschooling families.

So, happy birthday to my incredible mother!

And, thank you to everyone who’s shared their experiences and comments and stories with us since the beginning of this project.