“Please write us back and tell us about the place you live and how you homeschool”

In addition to the journal my mother kept several scrapbooks in the 80s, documenting books we read, subjects that we explored, things that we made, and projects that we worked on.

My favorite of these projects is a pen-pal letter exchange with other homeschooling families. Using the directory from the back of Growing Without Schooling magazine, we collected the names and addresses of families across the country.

This is the letter that we sent:pen_pal_letter_1 pen_pal_letter_2


19 families wrote us back, and I have those letters and exchanges today.

It is a wonderfully intimate collection of notes, descriptions and pictures. A snapshot of that moment of homeschooling, and different voices that were part of the movement then.

I am working of locating some of the families again, and hope to share some of these exchanges in coming posts.