My husband and I were so sad when we finished watching the one and only season of Freaks And Geeks on Netflix streaming. Finishing a great show can be like finishing a great book. It leaves you unsure what to do next! We never know what to watch next…(We’re not very movie or TV oriented, but because we pay for Netflix streaming, we feel obligated to at least try and consume some media during the week).

A week ago we decided to start watching the old 1970s series Cosmos by Carl Sagan. It’s such a trip! The show is packed with information, but the pace is slow and dreamy, with long scenes of outer space and strange drives into historical moments of human discovery. But, despite the cheesy 70s moments, we have been ending each episode really moved by the vast ideas. It’s relieving to be reminded that all the people we know, all the people who have ever been, are just a speck, on a speck, on a speck… little bits in a space that is so tremendous and complex.  I highly recommend Cosmos!


But this also brings me back to the journal. In 1987, my mom had the book Cosmos, and it inspired our studies of the solar system and outer space that year. Here is a passage from the journal noting our transition from dinosaurs to space:

Thursday, Sept. 24, 1987

* The kids grabbed their “school books” (adult books) out of their cubbies. They pretend they are about dinosaurs, but one is Aesop’s Fables & Camille has difficulty pretending it’s about dinosaurs since there are pictures of foxes and cows, etc.

Mindy gets Cosmos by Carl Sagan & says “this is my space book.” She turns over each page, saying such things as “Here is Jupiter.” “The Moon.” “This is the sun.” “Wow, space is beautiful!”

Camille agrees that space is beautiful. We’ve been gradually acknowledging that space might be our next unit.