Not Too Many Growls & Roars

Eight weeks have already passed since we published a first post on this blog. There’s still a lot to explore!  But for today, I just wanted to share a sweet page from my mom’s old journal that also had some photographs to go with it. This entry is from Tuesday, September 15,1987:


Used wet sand to build volcanoes & swamps, stuck plants around lakes lined with foil (to hold water) & posed dinosaurs in scene. Play acting with dinosaurs was very un-bloody. (Mindy said, “Make sure the other kids don’t let the dinosaurs eat each other.”) Camille hid her dinosaurs from Tyrannosaurus. Not too many growls & roars – mostly the dinosaurs talked.

dinos in the park

* → Making dinosaur tracks in wet sand (Mindy & Cathy) or own footprints (Camille). Being dinosaurs ourselves (all of us): a “duckbill” family. We whacked a Tyrannosaurus with our tails (just in self-preservation).

dino swamp

In an earlier blog, my mom reflects on this same journal entry. Read some of her observations here: Homeschool Scrapbook.