Inspired by Mr. Rogers…

In this mini journal excerpt from September 29, 1987, my mom writes about play inspired by two TV shows. It led me to consider the role of popular culture as a common vernacular, shared experience, and point of reference:

* Inspired by Mr. Rogers putting a coat over his head & pretending to be a monster, the children (without asking) went to Jim’s closet & got shirts & pretended to be monsters. When I got wind of this, I hung up all the good shirts.

I got 3 old wrap-around coats. They soon changed from monsters to detectives. Play money in purses & pockets, asking me about problems to solve, & finding my “lost dog.” Lindsey loses interest & begins to use letter stamps. Camille decides to make a detective sign with the stamps; Mindy hand-letters a sign.

journal page from September 29, 1987

journal page from September 29, 1987

Lindsey is now drawing up a storm — “Mommy very happy, getting married, then the whole family.”

Lunch — cantaloupe squares, cucumber circles, frozen peas, etc.

[…] * More pretend from a new TV show that leads into Bill Cosby. All three girls have special powers when they press their fingers together in certain ways.